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Edible Planter Boxes

Price varies. Contact me to book a consult!

Let me convince you why nothing can beet 😉 the taste of a sun ripened tomato or the feeling you get from seeing the food you're going to eat grow and mature in front of your eyes! I can install, plant, and maintain your garden boxes for you. That's exactly what I'm doing for a client in this picture!

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Rooting for the pollinators! Place an order for this season's raw & unpasteurized honey straight from my hives to you! I manually extract my honey, treat my hives organically with Thymovar in early spring and fall, and keep my hives at woodland edges (far from agricultural crops)!

Consults & Educational Workshops

Price varies. Contact me to book a consult!

I ❤ EDUCATION! As a library program coordinator, supply teacher, part-time Plant Science instructor at Algonquin College & M.Sc.-molecular biology, I'm always trying to find creative ways to express myself and what I know. This image is a planter box from a teachable install I put together for a client and their teen!

Seedlings for installs & designs

Prices vary

I try to grow all of my plants for my installs! Seed to seed! Ask me about reduced priced varieties that I'm trying to finish from my market garden last year!

Price varies. Contact me to book a consult!

Garden Planning & Installs

Price varies. Contact me to book a consult!

Veggies - Gardens - Planters/Pots

Picture: 1/2 of my market garden last year!


$6/dozen, brown & green eggs

free ranging hens

I just let them out of their coop in this picture!


design - install - plant - maintain - harvest

ottawa, on

P: 819-213-9566


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