About me, Q&A style

What are you?

I'm a black haired mammal who likes honey and fish...A LOT...just kidding, I'm a molecular biologist, library program coordinator, supply teacher, entrepreneur, teacher at Algonquin College and a dreamer. My jobs and hobbies intertwine together in a new and fascinating way; when I'm working on my hobbies I think about how I can turn what I'm doing into a program, or when I'm at work, I'll run into the nicest people who will teach me something new. Learning and teaching go hand in hand and I plan on doing both for as long as I can. 

Why Bees?

Bees are amazing! In my opinion, they are the model society! There is no such thing as a single honey bee, they are BEES that make up a hive; every bee works towards the collective and, managing them is complex, but these little insects can accomplish the following all while living in a hive box (sometimes boxes on boxes, but you get the point):

- create their own queen from an egg if they feed her the right food

- 1 bee can fly 5-10km/day to obtain food

- help pollinate up to 90 different food crops

-survive through the harshest of winters

-die after releasing their stinger to protect their hive

- one single queen bee, by mating 1x, controls the hives temperament, population growth, etc...


One of my main goals is to become self sufficient and I'll have my fruits, vegetables, protein, but what about sugaaa for the sweet tooth booogas? Not only will I get to harvest a sweetener but I'll get hive byproducts as well (like, bees wax). Additionally, my hives are isolated and I have no intention of producing large scale as to not disrupt other natural pollinators. I also have a problem with the honey market and how honey quality has decreased due to market demands. Honey is an expensive product if done correctly; beekeeping is laborious and honey if extracted properly (without using heat), can have tons of medicinal benefits.

Why Mushrooms?

Not only are they tasty but as author Robert Fulgham explains a mushrooms function so perfectly in All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten as, "and the release into the soil or atmosphere of the carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus that would forever be locked up in dead plants and animals and all people as well. Fungi - midwives between death and life and death and life. again and again and yet again." 

Why Gardening?

Gardening is an addiction! I started gardening in my undergrad, but it took me awhile to realize that it is my therapy to garden but on my own terms. I worked for a garden center, cannabis licensed producer, designated grower, and voilà, one day decided I need to do this for myself; gardening teaches you how to have fun with experimentation, it allows you to get dirty, it makes you learn to accept things that are out of your control (mother nature is more powerful than us all), teaches you planning, and teaches you to be happy with the little things.

 During my master's degree, I assessed how toxic chemicals effect the gene expression and stress responses in plants and I have worked in industries where chemicals are used on crops because of reason x, y, z when in fact a pest indicates something in your environment is out of balance. This means that one should care about fixing the root of the problem, care about the plants and care about the people who are going to consume your product. However, that is not what happens, instead the band-aid approach is being taken by using chemicals as an easy temporary fix. I want to change this. Organic gardening is hard for this reason, it is time consuming but worth knowing I can go eat something straight out of my garden without worrying what was used. I have to create the perfect garden ecosystem by studying EvERyThanGGG: the population numbers of beneficial insects vs. pests, how to increase the beneficials, study my soil, its productivity, how much sun, how much wind, which plants liked being next to each other, which didn't, pruning, weeding, etc...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


Learning all of these things will consequently bring me closer to understanding how food is grown. Even having a garden space that someone else manages (could be me, check out my 'products and services' page for garden maintenance :p) can provide you with a connection to greenery and your happy place. Being in a green space brings us closer to nature and balance, there is something about sipping your tea in the sun around plants that calms and nourishes the soul!

Why Chickens?

 I am strangely drawn to things that resemble dinosaurs; first it was turtles and now it's chickens. Also have you looked at an anatomical drawing of a chicken's insides? HoW BiZarRoooo? I also really want to wake up in the morning and have fresh eggs ready to go and know where they came from and what they were fed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would love to be a professional OG permaculturalist, librarian and teacher! I aspire to learn all the tricks of the trade so that one day I can have my own green house, produce farm and horticulture centre for kids to come and learn from me. 


Talk to meee...

I would love to hear from you! Send me your questions, feedback, criticisms, I'm open to all and every comment! I may not have your answer or what you're looking for, but I can provide you with a call number or reference title to an appropriate resource in our online catalog at the libary Lols ;p